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aloha lovers!

Whether you’re newlyweds on their honeymoon, an adventurous couple, a couple about to tie the knot, or celebrating 40+ years of marriage together; there are two things you know: Hawaii is special + so is your relationship.

I’m here to help celebrate you by helping to create + then capture moments for you to remember for a lifetime.

hawaii wedding photography

Having worked with couples for over 11 years, I’ve found the best ways to help people get the most out of their photos. We have fun together: we laugh, some cry (for good reasons!), and we foster meaningful moments.

I love it when you share yourself with each other + with the camera. And I love to share my experience with wedding day details + the best places to get a tan or some delicious food.

hawaii elopement photography

weddings and elopements
award winning wedding photography hawaii
// WEDDINGS days are amazing: fast-paced and exciting, filled with friends and powerful emotions, and the culmination of months (or years!) of hard work. You try to enjoy every moment and yet it will fly by so fast. I can help so you don't miss out on those moments; I'll help you find ways to enjoy them more on your wedding day + for the years to come. Planning a wedding from another state (or country!) can be difficult. But it's ok, I'm here for you!

award winning elopement photographer in hawaii // ELOPEMENTS are different from small weddings because they can be JUST you two + me. How? I'm a legal officiant! We can hike a mountain, explore a beach at sunset, or stand in the middle of a bamboo forest and at the end of our time together you'll have had a wonderful experience of each other, we'll have some great photos, AND you'll be legally married! I can help provide you with some meaningful ceremony outlines + we can hit all the right notes for what you need.
photography for anniversaries and engagements
photography for couples and proposals
Each couple expresses their love in different ways. They each have their own stories, their own inside jokes, their own trials + triumphs. What all couples share is that the person that lights them up the most is their partner. My sessions for couples (called Beloved Sessions) are a unique way to draw out the real connection you two share. In your own way, you get to express your shared love. Even people who are shy in front of the camera do well because the focus is on each other.

oahu and maui engagement photography
The Beloved Sessions are about creating time + space to focus on your partner. It's a great way to spend time in Hawaii: focused on what you love about them, what brought you together, and how they make you feel. Some people have called my sessions free therapy... but it's because we don't often take the time to really share from our heart like this otherwise!

And if you're looking to propose (Hawaii is a great place for a surprise proposal, after all!) I can be there for that moment and then we can continue a session to capture you two in the excitement of the "yes!"
  • Phenomenal, spectacular, amazing... words cannot describe! We had such a great experience working with Andy for our destination wedding! Our pictures turned out truly magical and we are forever grateful for the memories captured on camera!
    julie and pete
    julie + pete
  • Words cannot describe the way Andy made us feel at ease throughout the session. The beloved session allowed my husband and I to communicate and connect with each other on a deep level, all the while having those memories captured.
    kesha and zach
    kesha + zach
  • My advice is to hire Andy immediately--and to not look back. He'll become your great ally and friend through your wedding process.
    katie and kevin
    katie + kevin
  • Andy is professional, friendly, and always has a way to help put you at ease. We trusted that he would capture not only the essential shots, but also the spirit of the day, and were both blown away with what he delivered.
    megan and oliver
    megan + oliver
  • I cannot say enough great things about Andy... So easy going, he gave so much useful information not only about photography for the wedding day but advice on all things wedding related. I really appreciated all his advice; it was like I hired a wedding planner and photographer in one.
    wendy and bob
    wendy + bob
  • Andy is the kind of guy you can trust to do an amazing job with the photography and also to work with your family and friends in a professional, lighthearted way, making the day all that much more enjoyable (and low stress!). My husband and I were nothing but impressed!
    megan and kyle
    megan + kyle
  • Andy was AMAZING! He went above and beyond being our photographer and even convinced my husband we should take a helicopter ride while here (it was the most amazing experience of my life!)
    sarah and bryson
    sarah + bryson
  • Andy was amazing. The best investment we made in our wedding was him as our photographer.
    kassy and nick
    kassy + nick

let's connect!

andy stenz wedding photographer in hawaii
Aloha! I'm Andy + I love shooting short weddings in shorts. I also love shooting long weddings in shorts. Bascially, I like wearing shorts whenever I can (although, I can dress up if needed!.

I call Honolulu, Hawaii home (mainly for the alliteration, but the weather isn't bad either). My wife + I spend our time exploring the island with our dog, Miley.

You'll often find me flying all over Hawaii in helicopters, taking photos of the beauty of these islands. Check out my landscape work here.

Drop me a note + let's connect about your time on the islands + how I can help capture your love!
Pricing ideas: Beloved sessions for couples start at under $1000. Weddings start around $1000 + elopements start around $1500. Let's chat to figure out exactly what fits your needs best!